CLAUSE 1: The name of the Foundation is Gaziantep Development Foundation. The short name is AG GAGEV..


CLAUSE 2: Idioms used in this note:
Foundation : Gaziantep Development Foundation,
President of the Foundation : Chairman of the Board
Foundations Regulation :The name of the Foundation is Gaziantep Development Foundation. The short name is AG GAGEV.. Published in the Official Gazette No. 13586 dated 21.08.1970 Regulation on Foundations established under the provisions of the Law.

1. Governorship : Gaziantep Governorship (Investment Monitoring and Coordination)
2. Greater Municipality : Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality
3. GTO : Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
4. GSO : Gaziantep Chamber of Industry
5. GTB : Gaziantep Commodity Exchange
6. G.İhr. Bir. : Southeast Exporters Association
7. G.Esn. Od. Bir. : Gaziantep Union of Tradesmen Chambers
8. OSB : Gaziantep Union of Tradesmen Chambers

The center of the foundation is İncilipınar Mah. No. 4 Street No: 6 Floor: 2 Şehitkâmil / Gaziantep. The Foundation may open branches and representative offices in Turkey and abroad with the approval of the Board of Trustees and the permission of the competent authorities in accordance with the laws and regulations. The works and powers of the branches shall be determined by the decision of the Board of Trustees.

Although the Foundation has the name of “Gaziantep Development Foundation,, the foundation's existence is primarily due to Gaziantep. contribute to continuous development across the entire society and serve the state's public service towards continuous development undertaking domestic and international institutions and to carry out promotional and promotion activities that will increase the interest of the to assist in the studies carried out, to take part in these studies individually or jointly, to contribute to the development of society in general and in Gaziantep. striving for sophistication is a focus on foreign relations, banking and capital movements. economic viability in the environment, as well as socio- to provide food and similar assistance to poor and needy people, to ensure that the continuity of students' education carry out in-kind, financial contribution projects on its own or with other stakeholders for the purpose of In addition to providing support university, institute, dormitory, guest house, complexes, campus, campus, research centers, technoparks, R & D and innovation offices to establish, operate, ensure the continuity, existing contributing to organizations; history, agriculture, environment-afforestation, tourism, sports, health, social assistance, urbanization, industrialization, employment, culture and art, development of citizenship awareness, economy, internal and external migration To make efforts to inform the society about the issues and to solve the problems, to engage in activities on cohesion and integration of groups; higher education institutions cooperation with formal and non-formal education institutions, apprenticeship and vocational training institutions. and in coordination with all segments of society; transportation, space and to act individually or jointly in the field of aviation in local, national and international fields, organizations to assume responsibilities and to fulfill their responsibilities partially, completely, to establish and operate companies, associations, cooperatives, schools and platforms.

a) To improve the education services of the whole society in Gaziantep and its surroundings to a better level to contribute to all kinds of studies that need to be taken. Continuity of students' education lives carry out in-kind and financial contribution projects on its own or with other stakeholders for the purpose of In addition to providing support university, institute, dormitory, guest house, complexes, campus, campus, research establishing centers, technoparks, R & D and innovation offices; to operate, to ensure the continuity of to participate in these activities individually or jointly, financial contribution, undertaking or participating in projects, taking part in partnerships and initiatives or operating and undertaking administrative, financial and legal responsibilities for all these processes.

b) Health services of the whole society in Gaziantep and its environs in terms of achieving a better level to contribute all kinds of material and in kind. For this purpose, hospitals, universities, research centers, information organizations to establish, operate and contribute to their own offices or with other stakeholders, establish companies, unions, cooperatives, platforms.

c) History of Gaziantep and its surroundings in terms of tourism, the region and the environment   tourism and cultural potential of the provinces at home and abroad to carry out promotional services.

ç) All kinds of young people living in Gaziantep and surrounding communities make them participate. establishing clubs and schools, organizing trainings, building sports facilities, to operate or operate.

d) To make efforts for the disabled to adapt to social life.

e) Following the development of social life and trying to adapt as necessary.

f) To make studies about internal and external migration and to contribute to the studies.


CLAUSE 5: In order to achieve the above objectives of the Foundation, it operates especially in the following areas.

a) To introduce the region and its economic potential to domestic and foreign investors, institutions and organizations organizes conferences and meetings.

b) Meetings in and out of Turkey (especially in international conferences, fairs and seminars with economic emphasis) contacts, speeches and other activities to promote the region's opportunities and encourage investment in the region Performs.

c) Supports, cooperates with and cooperates with private and public institutions for the same purposes.

ç) Address book, promotional brochure, slide, video cassette, media such as posters are prepared, promotion and promotion uses during the activity.

d) Ensures the publication of appropriate articles, articles and speeches in the press and publication organs, gives advertisements and advertisements to newspapers.

e)It makes investments considering the purpose of the Foundation and especially the needs of the region or cooperates with investor organizations.

f)It opens and supports exhibitions and fairs. Gaziantep and its environs cooperates with and supports relevant associations and organizations.

ğ)In order to adapt to rapidly changing competition and trade conditions in the process of customs union and globalization;
- Vocational training activities in order to make the best use of the region's human resources and directing human resources in productive areas,
-Taking various measures in the field of industry in order to protect the natural environment and healthy infrastructures in this direction the establishment,
-It performs activities aimed at bringing the infrastructure towards the industry to the best level in the competitive environment and the European Union Support Programs.

ı)It conducts trainings, research and development activities in support of the aims of the Foundation.

i) Organize cultural and artistic activities.

j) It buys, transfers and makes all kinds of legal dispositions including security transactions such as stocks, bonds and coupons.

k)All kinds of rights with tangible and intangible values are transferred and purchased or transferred.

l) The same rights or property other than property, including the right of usufr acquires assets and makes savings on these rights.

m) It has all kinds of mutual and unrequited directions.

n)The Foundation cooperates with other local and foreign foundations in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation in accordance with legal procedures and may receive assistance from other foundations and organizations. It conducts activities to increase the assets of the Foundation, and may participate in the institutions to be deemed appropriate with the assets included in the assets of the Foundation in order to increase the revenues to be spent in line with its purpose.

o) Establishes and operates all kinds of facilities and partnerships in order to realize the purpose of the Foundation and increase its revenues, operates or participates or departs from established partnerships.

ö)In accordance with the purpose of the foundation, with the permission of the competent authorities, it buys, leases, establishes mortgages and makes all kinds of legal dispositions.

p) It cooperates with the European Union and World Bank. prepare the project to benefit from, makes the application. It provides consultancy services to other persons and institutions in this regard.

s) Kindergartens, Schools, Universities, Study centers and other education related to educational services institutions and contributes to the construction. Establishment and operation of scientific and cultural institutions, develops, leases and transfers operations. Accommodation of students who continue their education builds dormitories to meet their needs. Capable but due to financial difficulties It provides scholarship opportunities to these students by identifying the needy children and young people whose needs cannot be met.
s-1)To raise awareness about the activities of the Foundation and to inform the public, bulletins, magazines, newspapers, publishing books and papers; informs the public through web pages and social media communication tools.

ş) Identify the people who have the ability to research and invention in science branches organizes contests, awards prizes as a result of these competitions and Provides spiritual support.

t) Supports all kinds of sporting activities, such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics It also encourages the branches of the horse sports, wrestling, javelin, archery, such as sports activities competitions to support the continuity of our cultural heritage.
t-1) Partners with Sports Clubs, shares of clubs; At least 1 shareholder between 0.01% and 100% ensures the functioning of these clubs with the association or legal formation deemed appropriate, contribute financially when necessary.
t-2)To investigate the history of the whole society in Gaziantep and its environs and to reveal the cultural riches for the conservation and restoration of historical and cultural monuments. cooperates with associations. Gaziantep, which is under UNESCO protection, especially in the field of gastronomy It supports the efforts of preserving its cuisine to future generations, both financially and spiritually. Need opens vocational schools related to tourism.

u) Contributes to health services. Hospitals, Health centers and preventive health services and other It establishes, operates and improves the conditions of all health institutions.
u-1) In order to detect various problems of the city and find solutions; panel, symposium, conferences and organizes seminars.

ü) To meet the cultural needs of people living in Gaziantep and the surrounding area and collaborates with private organizations, reflecting the traditional cooperation between the almost forgotten culture of the region is unique to Turkey by encouraging the establishment of folkloric teams. helps.

v) It organizes festive and introductory festivals of our national art and culture of international quality. dissemination and adoption by the masses.

y)It organizes festive and introductory festivals of our national art and culture of international quality. dissemination and adoption by the masses....

z)In case of natural disasters, the damaged corners of the dormitories, those who are in need, veterans, veterans and martyrs   relatives and the needy, by calling for foreign resources, all kinds of financial and moral aid and    support.

As a result; With the activities of the Foundation, all kinds of problems and projects of the whole society including Gaziantep and its environs develops cooperation and cooperation opportunities and aims to play an integrative role. These goals while working for; it aims to reduce the public service burden of the state.