What does the GAGEV logo mean?

Our logo; uses shades of Green of Peanuts and Olives, which lead agricultural production in Gaziantep. Let us elaborate on the meaning of our logo, which is represented by the wonderful harmony of green tones.

The "World of Creative Cities Network" of UNESCO, which includes 47 cities from 33 countries includes the letter "G" for Gaziantep, which is included in the gastronomy category.

The shades of green are associated with many concepts. The strongest and most universal of them all is nature. In addition to this, life, youth, renewal, hopes and vigor are also symbolized by the colour green.

The green shades used in olive colour symbolizes perfection. At the same time, olives symbolize richness and peace.

Olive growing and cultivation is very difficult. But the olive repays mankind for this labour generously. We know that the athletes winning the Olympic Games in ancient times have been crowned with olives. Hercules' weapon was of an olive branch. The word olive is included many times in the Qur'an and the Bible. In the Qur'an, it is written that olives were brought down from heaven to Mount Sinai as a gift to the people along with figs. Again, it is seen in the Qur’an that oaths are sworn on the olive many times and that the olive is a blessed fruit.

The expressions in our logo: The principles in order  to increase the agricultural abundance of Gaziantep, to maintain cultural diversity, to contribute to tourism by promoting the city to the continents, to enrich the city with education for a brighter future, to ensure that Gaziantep, home to Turkey’s biggest parks, is green for generations, and to move industry forward each day with the added value brought to the country economy, which are in the foundation aims, have been reflected.