The aim of the foundation;
Although the Foundation has the name of “Gaziantep Development Foundation,, the foundation's existence is primarily due to Gaziantep. to contribute to the continuous development throughout the whole society and the public service burden of the state on the way to continuous development initiatives to reduce the number of domestic and international institutions and organizations. promotion and promotion activities that will increase the interest of the students, as well as the activities carried out by other institutions and organizations to take part in these activities individually or jointly, to assume responsibility, To contribute to the development of society in general, especially in Gaziantep to provide economic vitality in an environment where relations, banking and capital movements are concentrated. as well as food and the like for poor and needy people in rural areas that are not socioeconomically developed. to provide assistance, to ensure the continuity of students' education carrying out in-kind, financially contributing projects with other stakeholders, as well as providing support, institute, dormitory, guest house, complex, campus, campus, research centers, technopark, R & D and innovation to establish, operate and maintain offices, to contribute to existing organizations; history, agriculture, environment-afforestation, tourism, sports, health, social assistance, urbanization, industrialization, employment, culture and art, development of citizenship awareness, economy, internal and external immigration issues to make efforts for the elimination of disadvantaged groups and to bring them to society. engage in activities; formal and non-formal education institutions, especially higher education institutions, apprenticeship and in cooperation and coordination with vocational education institutions for all segments of society. engage in activities; local, national and international transportation, aerospace undertaking, undertaking, and undertaking responsibilities jointly or partially, establish organizations, companies, associations, cooperatives, schools and to businesses.

a) To improve the education services of the whole society in Gaziantep and its surroundings to a better level to contribute to all kinds of studies that need to be taken. Continuity of students' education lives carry out in-kind and financial contribution projects on its own or with other stakeholders for the purpose of In addition to providing support university, institute, dormitory, guest house, complexes, campus, campus, research establishing centers, technoparks, R & D and innovation offices; to operate, to ensure the continuity of to participate in these activities individually or jointly, financial contribution, undertaking or participating in projects, taking part in partnerships and initiatives or operating and undertaking administrative, financial and legal responsibilities for all these processes.

b) Health services of the whole society in Gaziantep and its environs to contribute all kinds of material and in kind. For this purpose, hospitals, universities, research centers, information organizations to establish, operate and contribute to their own offices or with other stakeholders, establish companies, unions, cooperatives, platforms.

c) The history of Gaziantep and its surroundings in terms of tourism, the region and the environment tourism and cultural potential of the provinces at home and abroad to carry out promotional services.

ç) All kinds of young people living in Gaziantep and the surrounding community, all kinds of active sports life make them participate. Establishing clubs and schools, organizing trainings, building sports facilities, to operate or operate.

d) To make efforts for the disabled to adapt to the social life.

e) To follow the development of social life and to try to adapt as necessary.

f) To carry out studies on internal and external migration and to contribute to the studies.