Areas of Activity
In order to achieve the above objectives of the Foundation, it operates especially in the following areas.

a) The region and its economic potential to domestic and foreign investors, institutions and organizations organizes conferences and meetings in order to introduce them.

b) Carries out contacts, speeches and other activities that promote the region's opportunities and encourage investment in the region to meetings abroad (especially in international conferences, fairs and seminars, especially economic).

c) Supports and cooperates with private and public institutions for the same purposes, It cooperates.

ç) Media such as address book, promotional brochure, slide, video cassette and posters are prepared and used in promotion and promotion activities.

d) Ensures the publication of articles, articles and speeches appropriate for the purpose in the press and publication organs, and gives advertisements and advertisements to local and foreign newspapers.

e) Realizes investments or cooperates with investor organizations considering the purpose of the Foundation and especially the needs of the region.

f) Opens and helps exhibitions and fairs. It cooperates with and supports associations and organizations related to the whole society including Gaziantep and its environs.

ğ) In order to adapt to rapidly changing competition and trade conditions in the process of customs union and globalization;
- To direct vocational training activities and human resources in productive areas in order to make the best use of the region's human resources,...

- To take various measures in the field of industry in order to protect the natural environment and to establish healthy infrastructure in this direction,

- It carries out activities aimed at bringing the infrastructure towards the industry to the best level in the competitive environment and applies to similar sources of funding for European Union Support Programs for such activities.

ı) It conducts trainings, research and development activities in support of the aims of the Foundation.

i) Organize cultural and artistic activities.

j) It buys, transfers and makes all kinds of legal dispositions including security transactions such as stocks, bonds and coupons.

k) All kinds of rights with tangible and intangible values are transferred and purchased or transferred.

l) Acquires the same non-property rights or assets, including the right of usufruct and sukunah, with the permission of the competent authorities, and makes disposed dispositions on them.

m) It has all kinds of mutual and unrequited directions.

n)The Foundation cooperates with other local and foreign foundations in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation in accordance with legal procedures and may receive assistance from other foundations and organizations. Activities to increase the assets of the Foundation in order to increase the revenues to be spent in line with its purpose.

o) Establishes all kinds of facilities and partnerships in order to realize the purpose of the Foundation and increase its revenues, operates, operates or participates in or separates established partnerships.

ö) In accordance with the purpose of the foundation, with the permission of the competent authorities, it buys, leases, establishes mortgages and makes all kinds of legal dispositions.

p) Carries out joint projects with European Union and World Bank, prepares projects and makes applications to benefit from grants and credit programs. It provides consultancy services to other persons and institutions in this regard.

s) In relation to educational services, kindergartens, schools, universities, study centers and other makes educational institutions and contributes to their construction. Establishment of scientific and cultural institutions, operations, development, leasing and transfer operations. Ongoing training builds dormitories to meet the housing needs of students. Capable but material identifying needy children and young people who cannot meet their educational needs due to provides scholarship opportunities to students.

s-1) publishes bulletins, magazines, newspapers, books and papers in order to raise awareness about the activities of the Foundation and to inform the public; informs the public through web pages and social media communication tools.

ş) In order to identify the individuals with the curiosity of research and invention in the fields of science and to have the ability and abilities of the branches of art, it organizes competitions, awards prizes as a result of competitions and provides financial and moral support to their work.

t) Supports all kinds of sporting activities, encourages sports such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics and also supports the continuity of our cultural heritage by organizing the sports events such as wrestling, javelin and archery.

t-1) Affiliates with Sports Clubs, shares of clubs; It buys at least 1 shareholder between 0.01% and 100%, ensures the functioning of these clubs with the association or legal formation to be established and makes financial contributions when necessary.

t-2) To research the history of the whole society in Gaziantep and its surroundings and to uncover cultural riches, cooperates with the organizations and associations that pioneer the conservation and restoration works of historical and cultural monuments. Especially under the protection of UNESCO in the field of gastronomy Provides financial and moral support to the efforts of preserving and transmitting Gaziantep Cuisine to future generations. If necessary, opens vocational schools related to tourism.

u) Contributes to health services. Hospitals, Health centers and preventive health services and It establishes, operates and improves the conditions of all other health institutions.

u-1) In order to detect various problems of the city and find solutions; panel, symposium, conferences and organizes seminars.

ü) environment, including Gaziantep and collaborates with public and private organizations to meet the cultural needs of the inhabitants of the whole of society, reflecting their traditional culture of the region is unique to Turkey It encourages the establishment of forgotten folkloric teams and helps to carry out all kinds of cultural activities intensively.

v) International festivals, organizing festivals and introducing our national art and culture. to make the arts widespread and widespread adoption.

y)To investigate the history of Gaziantep and its surroundings and to reveal the richness of culture for the conservation and restoration of historical and cultural monuments and cooperate with related associations.

z) In case of natural disasters, the damaged corners of the dormitories, those who become obliged, veterans, veterans and the relatives of the martyrs and the needy, by calling on foreign resources, all kinds of material and moral help and support.

As a result; Through the activities of the Foundation, all kinds of develops cooperation and cooperation opportunities related to projects and projects and aims to play an integrative role. Learn travelers. While working for these objectives; it aims to reduce the public service burden of the state.