ARTICLE 1:The name of the foundation is ‘The Foundation of Development Gaziantep’. It is called as GAGEV in short. 


ARTICLE-2:The statement that is used in these phrases:
The Foundation : The Foundation of Development Gaziantep, in short GAGEV.
The President of the Foundation : Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of The Foundation
The Foundations Charter : Published with the number of 13586 in the Official Gazette of 21.08.1970, by history and
according to the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code.


1.  Governorship    : Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department of Gaziantep 
2.  Metropolitan Municipality : Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality
3.  GTO  : Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
4.  GSO : Gaziantep Chamber of Industry
5.  GTB     : Gaziantep Commodity Exchange
6.  G.İhr. Bir.   : The Association of Southeast Exporters
7.  G.Esn. Od. Bir.  : Gaziantep Union of Chambers of Trades
8.  OSB    : Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone
9. GAGİAD : Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association
10. MÜSİAD   : Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association
11. GOSİAD : Association of Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone of Industrialists and Businessmen
12. Club : Gaziantep Club
13. GATSİD    : Textile Industry Employers' Association of Gaziantep


ARTICLE-3: The Foundation Center adress is Güvenevler Mahallesi 59 Nolu Sokak Şehitkamil-Gaziantep.
Depending on the permissions taken from the authorities, The Foundation can open branches and representative offices in the country and abroad under the laws and regulations of the of Trustees of the Foundation Resolution. Branch of work to do and powers are defined by the decision of the board of trustees.

ARTICLE-4: The purpose of the Foundation is to accelerate the economic development of domestic and foreign institutions and promote the environment will increase the interest of the organization and make incentives work, to help other institutions and organizations carried out studies on this subject, so to become a developed region, including centers in Southeast Gaziantep and here of foreign relations, banking, and to bring economic vitality in an environment where the concentration of capital movements and the poor and needy people in underdeveloped rural areas of socio-economic aspects are present in food and other assistance.
a. Gaziantep Education services need to be upgraded to a better level to contribute to the work of all kinds.
b. All kinds of terms to attain a better level of health services in Gaziantep contribute financially and in kind.
c. Gaziantep's history in terms of tourism, and the surrounding provinces of the region where tourism and cultural potential within the country and abroad to carry out promotional services.
d. Young people living in Gaziantep ensure the participation of all kinds of active sports life.
e. Disabled of work to do to adapt to social life
f. To follow the development of social life, work as necessary to ensure compliance.
g. Inside that may occur as activities related to emigration and to contribute to studies.

ARTICLE-5: It operates mainly in the following areas in order to achieve the above objectives of the Foundation.
a. Economic potential of the region and have local and foreign investors, institutions and organizations in order to promote conferences, meetings are held.

b. Overseas and in meetings (particularly the economic weight of international conferences, exhibitions and seminars) of the handle and the possibilities of stimulating investment contacts, conversations and perform other activities.

c. Support of private and public organizations to work towards the same goal, it cooperates with them, cooperates.

d. Address books, brochures, slides, videotapes is prepared media such as banners, use them during the presentation and promotion activities.

e. For the purposes of press and publication essays, articles and speeches in order to deliver, give notice to local and foreign newspapers and advertisements.

f. The purpose of the Foundation and performs particularly considering the investment needs of investors or collaborate with organizations.

g. Exhibitions and fairs opens, helps open support. It cooperates with relevant associations and organizations outside of Gaziantep Province supports them.

h. To adapt to the customs union and rapidly changing trading conditions and competition in the globalization process;
- The region's human resources in the best way and to vocational training activities directed to evaluate the productive areas of human resources,
- Taken various measures to protect the natural environment and the industry in this direction is the establishment of health infrastructures,
- The infrastructure facing the industry, it makes for performing at a good level of activity in the competitive environment and the European Union Support Programs refer to similar sources of financing for activities in this direction.

i. The purpose of the Foundation is made towards education, included in research and development activities, it supports studies such as this.

j. It organizes cultural and art events.

k. Equities, bonds and coupons as buys all kinds of negotiable instruments, has been included on the collateral and their operations are found in all kinds of legal dispositions.

l. Property rights and takes all kinds of speed and purchased intangibles carrying value or their assigns.

m. With the permission of the competent authority, including the right to usufruct and suknie would acquire the assets of the same property and non-property rights or has the right to know in savings on them.

n. All kinds of mutual and unrequited located on the loan.

o. For the purpose of domestic and foreign foundations operating Foundation makes appropriate legal procedures in cooperation with other organizations, it can receive help from other foundations and organizations. Increasing the presence of the Foundation's work is made goods, the goal may be deemed appropriate by the participating organizations will spend doğrultur in order to increase revenues to the Foundation's property assets, including securities.

p. To realize the objectives of the foundation and builds all kinds of facilities and partnerships to increase their income, operating, or let others participate in the partnership established or separated.

q. For the purpose of the Foundation buys all kinds of movable and immovable properties with the permission of the competent authorities, give, rent, mortgage and it makes all kinds of legal dispositions on them.

r. The European Union has in collaboration with organizations such as the World Bank, will prepare projects to benefit from the grants and loans program makes application. This topic gives consultancy services to other parties.

s. Educational services relating to the nurseries, schools, universities, training centers and other institutions makes for Studies and contributes to built. Establishing Scientific and Cultural organization, operation, development, leasing and carries out the transfer process. They build dormitories of students who continue their education in order to meet housing needs.

t. Creating awareness of the Foundation's activities and informing the public on behalf of newsletters, magazines, newspapers, publishes books and papers; Through web pages and social media communication tools to inform the public.

u. Science research and invention competitions are organized to be able to identify predisposed individuals with curiosity and ability to arts, it gives awards in competitions and tangible result of the work of these people and provide moral support.

v. It supports all kinds of sporting activities, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, also encourages especially for sports such as gymnastics, horseback sport Our wrestling, javelin, will support the continuity of our cultural heritage by organizing competitions in sports such as archery.

v.1 Sports Clubs partners with, the shares of the clubs; between 0.01% and 100% as the owner buys face of at least 1 part provides the functionality of these clubs to be established as appropriate association or legal formation contributes necessary material.

v.2 To investigate the history of Gaziantep and to reveal their cultural richness, it makes historical and cultural monuments of the organizations that led to the preservation and restoration work and cooperation with relevant associations. Especially passed on to future generations by protecting the received Gaziantep Cuisine gastronomy branch of the UNESCO-protected material and spiritual support to the efforts and data. It opens vocational school of tourism as needed.

w. Contributes to health care. Hospitals, health centers and the establishment of preventive health services and other health institutions are carrying out activities on behalf of improving the operation and conditions.

x. In order to identify the various problems of the city and find solutions; panel discussions, symposia, conferences and seminars.

y. Collaborates with public and private organizations to meet the cultural needs of people living in Gaziantep, the region is unique to Turkey by promoting traditional cooperation in the establishment of oblivion have kept drumming team that reflects the culture of all kinds of cultural activities helps maintain intensively.

z. Transnational, national arts and culture, our handler and handle the festivities are organized, the promotion of the arts and is found in activities that will be widely accepted.
aa. To investigate the history of Gaziantep and to reveal their cultural richness, it makes historical and cultural monuments of the organizations that led to the preservation and restoration work and cooperation with relevant associations.
bb. To dormitories corner harmed if the occurrence of natural disasters, and the need to lurch, falling in bulunarak calls to overseas resources, all kinds of material and works to provide spiritual help and support.

In conclusion; Gaziantep with the Foundation's activities and projects of all kinds of problems related forces and enhances the opportunities for cooperation, it aims to play an integrative role.