The aim of the foundation is, in order to speed up the economic development of Gaziantep and its environs, to promote domestic and foreign institutions and organizations to increase their interest in the region and to assist in the work carried out in other institutions and establishments in this regard so as to ensure that the region becomes developed, with Gaziantep as the center, to bring economic vitality to an environment where external relations, banking and capital movements are intensified, and to provide food and similar assistance to the poor and needy in rural areas that have not been developed in socioeconomic terms.

a) To contribute to any kind of work that needs to be undertaken in order to raise the education services in Gaziantep to a higher level.
b) To contribute to the raising of the level of health services in Gaziantep with all kinds of financial and in-kind contributions.

c) To carry out the promotion services of the tourism and cultural potential of Gaziantep, its history in terms of tourism of the region and neighbouring provinces both domestically and abroad.

ç) To ensure that young people living in Gaziantep participate in all kinds of active sports life.

d) To make efforts for the disabled to adapt to social life.

e) To follow the development of the social life and efforts to ensure the necessary adaptation.

f) To carry out studies about internal and external migrations that may occur, to contribute to the studies undertaken.