Areas of Activity

a) Organize conferences and meetings in order to promote the region and its own economic potential for domestic and foreign investors, institutions and organizations.

b) Promotes contact, talks and other activities promoting investment in the region (especially at economic international conferences, fairs and seminars) and promoting the possibilities of the region.

c) Support and cooperate with private and public institutions making efforts for the same purposes.

ç) Prepares media such as address book, introductory brochure, slides, videotapes, banner and uses them during promotional activities.

d) Provides the appropriate texts, articles and speeches for the purpose of publication in media and press organs and gives advertisements and notices to local and foreign newspapers.

e) Carries out investments or cooperates with investor organizations taking into account the purpose of the Foundation and in particular the needs of the region.

f) Opening and supports the opening of exhibitions and fairs. Cooperates with the associations and organizations related to Gaziantep outside the province and supports them.

ğ) Complies with the rapidly changing competition and trade conditions in the customs union and globalization process;
- Promotes vocational training activities and human resources in productive fields in order to optimize the human resources of the region,
-In order to protect the natural environment, takes various measures in the field of industry and the establishment of healthy infrastructure in this line,
-For activities aimed at bringing the industrial infrastructure towards the best level in the competitive environment, applies for financing resources like European Union Support Programs for these activities.
ı) Offers training in line with the aims of the foundation, undertakes research and development activities, supports such activities.

i) Organizes cultural and art events.

j) Purchases all kinds of negotiable instruments such as share certificates, bonds and coupons, all kinds of legal reserves including the transfer and collateral transactions on these.

k) Transfers and purchases or hands over all rights and duties of material and intellectual property.

l) Acquires the same rights or assets, including the right of usufruct and right of habitation, with the permission of the competent authorities, and holds such rights.

m) Carries out all kinds of mutual and unrecognized returns.

n) Cooperates with other domestic and foreign foundations with activities in line with the aims of the Foundation, accordance with legal procedures and can obtain help from other foundations and organizations. Works to increase the assets of the Foundation and may participate in institutions that are considered appropriate with the aims, in order to increase the revenues to be spent by the foundation.

o) To establish and operate all kinds of facilities and partnerships in order to realize the aims of the Foundation and increase its income, participates in or terminates partnerships.

ö) In accordance with the aims of the Foundation, with the permission of the competent authorities, all kinds of movable and immovable property can be purchased, rented, mortgaged and all kinds of legal rights established on them.

p) Cooperates with organizations such as the European Union and the World Bank, prepares and implements projects to benefit from grant and credit programs. In this regard, it provides consultancy services to other persons and institutions.

s) Contributes to the construction and implementation of kindergartens, schools, universities, Training centers and other educational institutions related with educational services. It also establishes, operates, develops, leases and transfers the institutions of Science and Culture. Builds dormitories in order to meet the accommodation needs of students continuing their education. It provides scholarship opportunities to these students by identifying talented but needy children and young people who are unable to meet educational needs due to financial difficulties.

s-1) Publishes newsletters, magazines, newspapers, books and papers in order to inform the public and create awareness about the activities of the foundation; informs the public through web pages and social media communication tools.

ş) Organizes competitions to determine the persons who have the talent and ability to explore and discover the sciences and branches of art, gives prizes in the context of competitions and give financial and moral support to the work of these persons.

t) Supports all kinds of sports activities, especially promotes sport branches such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and also supports the continuity of our cultural heritage by organizing competitions such as wrestling, javelin and archery.
t-1) Partners with Sports Clubs; owns at least between 0.01% and 100% with at least 1 share of ownership, ensures collaboration with associations or legal formation to be established and these clubs, makes financial contributions where necessary.

t-2) Cooperates with organizations and related associations leading the studies of preservation and restoration of historical and cultural works in order to investigate the history of Gaziantep and to reveal cultural riches. Offers financial and moral support for the efforts to protect and transfer to future generations Gaziantep cuisine, protected by UNESCO in the gastronomy area in particular. When required, opens vocational schools related to Tourism.

u) Contributes to health services. It operates for the establishment, operation and improvement of conditions of hospitals, health centers and preventive health services and all other health institutions.

u-1) In order to identify various problems of the city and find solutions; organizes panels, symposiums, conferences and seminars.

ü) Collaborates with public and private organizations to meet the cultural needs of people living in Gaziantep, encourages the establishment of the soon to be forgotten folklore teams which reflect the traditions of the region, and helps all kinds of cultural activities be maintained intensively.

v) Internationally, organizes and promotes festivals of national arts and culture, carries out activities to promote the spread of fine arts and for them to be adopted by the masses.

y) Cooperates with institutions and related associations leading the studies of preservation and restoration of historical and cultural monuments in order to investigate the history of Gaziantep and to reveal cultural riches.

z) Attempts to provide all kinds of material and spiritual help and support to the corners of the country which are damaged in case of natural disaster, to the needy and wanting, by calling upon foreign sources.

In conclusion; With the activities of the Foundation, the aim is to play an integrative role in developing partnerships and business associations regarding all problems and projects of Gaziantep.